Blood and water.

Has someone ever used a statement “blood is thicker than water” on you to either guilt trip you or emphasize a relationship status you are ignoring? This statement has been used against me by some relatives and advisers to state that; whether I liked it or not we were stuck together by blood and there’s no way out. And that however close I got with the friends I made they’d never be my blood relatives but just water!

Well, I have come to rescue you from this statement by expounding on its deeper meaning.

While we meet friends that become closer than brothers regardless of the selection criteria; there’s an imaginary covenant we make with the way we let them in to become part of our lives to exceed brothers. Comparing them to water does not cut it for me.



The act of leaving one’s natural family and entering into the privileges and responsibilities of another.

Consider the story told in the birth and adoption of Moses, a central figure in the Old Testament.

“And when he was exposed, Pharaoh’sdaughter adopted him and brought him up as her own son.”

What strikes me most about this verse is that, even that long ago, Moses was not seen as “adopted.” The Pharaoh’s daughter took him in as her own and he was royalty. There was no question of his heritage of worthiness. He simply belonged.

Did you know that an adopted child can never be disowned by his adoptive parents? That he has a right to inheritance, ownership, name, sonship and a good life for that matter?

Just like marriage, adoption is a covenant relationship. There is no bailing out. Christ bought us with his blood and called us sons and daughters. His blood was a sign of His covenant with us to salvation.

Living as a water-connected friend is more of assuming salvation for the forgiveness of sins and deliverance from condemnation; while living as a blood- connected son and daughter is assuming and adopting a position of great blessing, privileges and heirship.

To sum it up, “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

“..and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ,…”
Romans 8:17

The Partnership.

Many times I heard these words used interchangeably. And I know “Let’s” and “Let us” are used for almost the same meaning.

  • “Let us” is a word used for requesting. Like Let us do something means requesting to allow us do something.
  • “Let’s” is a word used for proposing. Like Let’s play means proposing people to play. However they may not have the liberty to say no without any hard feelings.

I would like to focus on the former “Let us”. When someone uses this phrase, they’re giving you an opportunity to adhere to or take a rain check with a sense of inclusion and thoughtfulness.

Did you know that this phrase appears over 228 times in the KJV Bible? It is always accompanied by an action and the first appearance is seen in Genesis 1:26

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.”

God and His board of directors decided and thought about making man which was accompanied by the action itself. They didn’t stop at talking, they went through to make man in their likeness.

Out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every bird of the air, and brought them to Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called each living creature, that was its name.
Genesis 2:19 NKJV

The next episode shows the collaboration and partnership between God and Adam who becomes a co-creator. I believe God formed the creatures and brought them to Adam to name them which after that name, also took on the character which the name suggests.

God: “Hey Adam look what I’ve moulded out of the ground”

Adam: “Oh wow this is so cool!”

God: “What can you call it?”

Adam: “Let’s see mmm this mane and those sharp teeth are good for the jungle; from now on your name is Lion”

And boom,what was just clay then takes on the character of a lion, strong and full of energy because of its name and what it is.

God wants to partner with us in every area of our lives; Spiritual, Financial, Intellectual, Physical and Relational. Are you willing to name it? Because what you name gets into character.

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.
Proverbs 18:21 ESV

Imaginary world!

I am a dreamer and I love my imaginations because they allow me to see beyond the now. I can create a whole movie with executive producers and guest artists all by myself, imagining and creating scenes of wonder and bliss with blockbuster trailers.

The plot:

When Jesus was 12 years old he got lost from his parents. I imagine Joseph and Mary prayed to God. “Dear all-forgiving father look upon us with mercy.

God:Why my children.

Them: Remember that Messiah you gave us?


Them: We lost Him, do you have another one any where?

God: He is the only begotten son I had🙄. You better find him!

Them: okay okay we gon’ find him sir.

Fast forward.

James was Jesus’ brother and the younger one at that. I have a younger brother and he always followed me every where; to the shops, to church, to school etc. Back to James; I bet he nearly drowned while following his brother. How? Jesus walked on water, James didn’t.

Imagine how much pressure was on James!

Mary: “Why can’t you be more like your brother James?”

For James to prove that he can be like his brother; One evening while they were on the dining table ready to have dinner;(yes they had a dining table, Joseph was a carpenter.) Mary asks James to say the grace before they could eat. Every day, James hears these prayers concluded “In Jesus’ name Amen! And he didn’t ask why, he thought that was the trend.He now knows it is his turn and this is how he concluded his prayer “In James name Amen!” I wonder how Mary explained that to him.

We know Jesus turned water into wine. One evening they had gone to a party and Jesus left before the party could end, leaving James behind. Well, they ran out of wine and everybody looked at James.

“We were with your brother at the other wedding and we ran out of wine,and Jesus made us some more. Make us some wine James!”

Lesson to learn:Always move with Jesus.

James made the WWJD bracelets as an income stream because it was a common phrase. After his mother using it on him several times, the whole town learnt of it and adapted. Boat racing was a communal thing those days and James was a good racer.During the competitions, his opponents splashed water in his face and he raced after them and did the same. They weren’t happy with his actions and one saw his bracelet. “How could you do that while you are wearing a What Would Jesus Do bracelet?” He answered ” No No No don’t get it twisted, this is a what would James Do bracelet!” Same initials, different meaning.

This post was intended to make you laugh a bit. Nothing serious.


Not just the Blood.

Growing up, I was afraid of chicken; not the cooked one but the living one. My sister Promise is a special kind who was always fascinated by scaring and bringing cries out of everyone else, let’s say she thrived on raising ruckus in her environment and as a result, the world. Since I was the youngest then,I became her perfect target and it worsened when she realised I was terrified of chicken.Mother always protected me from her but when She was away, I became her prey to torment.

How it all started…

There was a free-range system of raring animals in my village where every one who owned one left it to go out and hunt for food and then return at close of business. Every other minute you’d have cows, goats or sheep crossing the road to and fro, dogs chasing chickens and many other funny gestures. Everyone lived in harmony until you crossed this particular home that had a wild rooster. It chased everyone who passed by until it got tired. I was one of the victims at age 3. This rooster chased me up to the entrance of our house and while at it, my sister Promise was laughing so hard by the side.

This experience went with me to bed and I started getting night mares of the chicken. I would then scream and call mother saying “Mummy Mummy enkoko” (Mummy, the chicken). She would then wake up and tell me to call “The Blood of Jesus” and held my hand until I slept again. While the experience was fading, Promise would revive it by bringing another chicken in my face or making chicken puppets for me which earned her a biting but as for me the horror never ceased.

At first, mother dealt with the nightmares seriously but as time went on, I got more horrified about the chicken in my sleep that I think she got tired of waking up to put me back to sleep over and over.

How I overcame…

Me:”Mummy, enkoko” (Mummy, the chicken)
Mother: “Call the Blood of Jesus until you sleep.”

I would then go ahead and say “The blood of Jesus” until I slept and it worked.
This became the norm until the nightmares ceased.
Even when mother was not around, everyone at home knew what to tell me if I woke up screaming  enkoko.

Everytime I faced or imagined a scary thing as a child, I knew that the Blood, not just any blood but of Jesus could save me from anything. As I grew up I was no longer afraid of chicken because I had my weapon. I even became the chief slayer of chicken everytime we needed to eat some.
Who do you call, what do you say

when you  are in trouble? Who you call shows whose you are.

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony,  Revelation 12:11 NKJV

Here’s to the rain!

The rain that fell on the evening of the 3rd day of February 2020 was indeed an out pour from the heaven’s flood gates.
My husband and I attend an MC (Missional Community) you can call it a (cell group) which meets every Monday evening in Bugolobi city. About 10 minutes (8:20pm) before end of MC, it started raining. One of the members had ordered for an uber prior so by the time MC was done, the ride was outside waiting and the rest of the MC members boarded while me and my husband remained behind to order for one. Everything we tried with uber failed and after waiting for over 20 minutes on the shade, we decided to walk and grab a boda-boda to the nearby station to favour our GPS pick up or something. None of us had carried a jacket for the evening but we had each other’s hands for warmth so we were good to go.

Hand In Hand

We found a boda that dropped us at Shell Nakawa while we tried our lack for an uber,but in vain. The nearby taxi stage was void of any cars and a lot of people were waiting there too. The time was coming to 9:40 pm and we were not any where close to our destination which is Naalya.

With hundreds of people waiting, the shell-ter started flooding with motor bikes and more people while the wind blew the rain towards us, with thunder and lightning to top up. We commanded the rain to stop but it seemed like one farmer needed it more for their produce so we then started thanking God for rain; Hahaha. Standing in one place was not helping, so I told my husband to grab any boda boda from the road and get home. We then walked to the road to stop any bold bike who didn’t care for the rain. We waited for about 30 minutes waving our hands and any types of gestures at every appearance of a bike. Most of them had passengers while others were empty, looking for shelter too. The ones with passengers encouraged me that there was one bike for us. This was my suggestion so I needed it to work. The more bikes I stopped, the more the rain intensified and yet none of them didn’t care for the rain. My husband asked me “Can we now go back to the shelter? Are you convinced that there is no bike willing to go that far in the rain? ” I replied “No I am not convinced, there is one more bike we need to stop” I didn’t know that for sure but I said it anyway. While my husband led the way back to the shelter, I stopped one last bike guy and he was willing to take us to Kireka in the rain.

Yeeyi that was a win for me, my heart started rejoicing, “Thank you Jesus we are getting closer to home”. The traffic jam that we found along the way was every description of ugly.I thank God for government officials  hahaha who created way for us in their quest to get home quickly through the jam. We found cars that had fallen off-course, flooded roads and splashing water from self-less drivers. All that didn’t matter because I was winning. We  got to Kireka at around 10:30pm and sought for another ride to take us closer to home.We got another bike that was still willing to go all the way to Kyaliwajjala so we jumped on. At this moment we were both dripping wet, soaked and shivering but in a very good mood. Half way the journey, the brakes broke so we got off the stop another bike but in vain so we continued with this bike in prayer. After we reached the trading centre, the bike guy offered to take us all the way to our home or somewhere closer which we accepted and proceeded. While we sloped down the Naalya valley ( essaala eyali awo (prayers just) we stopped before the steep ness could go any further so we walked home.

It was already past 11pm and it was still raining but we were both peaceful, calm and kind to each other. It is so easy to get irritable and mean in such situations but I rebuked every nagging thought and blame in my heart.We were now PITsing and giving thanks to God for the rain. That; while we were soaked and dripping, we had a home to go to,we had clothes to change in to, we had the money to afford the rides all the way, we had people willing to get wet, to take us home, we had memories to make, and a lot of values were strengthened in one evening.
Whereas it is easy to be joyful in celebration, the bible says “Rejoice in the Lord always..” including the bad times too.
May be things are not going well for you, Rejoice; Victory is in your Praise!

Inspired By Love


No Ordinary Scribbles

As we all know, February is the time of the year when there is love in the air. If you are living in Kampala, I`m certain that you`ve walked past red roses and multiple billboards announcing valentine`s day offers, and concerts.

I, on the other hand, have chosen to show love to some businesses in a blog series titled Inspired by Love. These are products I have used and fallen in love with.  I’d like to use this opportunity to share the love with you.

Today, I put the spotlight on Ushindi Creations run by Persist Muwanguzi Businge, a lady who weaves creation into being. I asked Persist to tell me about her business and this is what she shared.

The Birth

Ushindi is a Swahili word which means Victory or Victor, the same meaning as my Surname. I once had a Tanzanian best friend who baptized me the name…

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My brush, His canvas.

I have painted a number of art pieces and messed some of them with a wrong shade or tint and smudged others with a wrong brush size or palette. For someone who loves a clean and finished masterpiece, a low mood can easily kick in, but with the idea “any mistake in art is a design”, I chuckle at the mess; then follows episodes of improvisation and substitution of new shades and tints to create something not so far from the piece I intended to come up with, but also not so close to the masterpiece.The lovers of art who may not care about comparison of the final piece to the masterpiece, can fall head over heels with it, whereas I remain unsatisfied with my final work; for reasons only known to the creator(me).

Painting is such a long process but starting afresh is  incomparable;from a plain canvas to a finished art piece! Stages range from stretching a plain fabric on a wooden frame with staples or nails, to applying undercoat, sketching,basic colors,shaping colours,defining colours, final colours and  touches just to mention but a few. With all this hard work, “the end justifies the means” does not make a lot of sense in my ears because I ought to celebrate every tiny step and stage accomplished in the journey of creating the finest masterpiece whereas the statement undermines the process.

You are a work in progress but as far as God is concerned, you are a finished product. You are His perfect work of art! The devil may try to whisper or show you smudges on your painting, “you are not good enough, your skin needs more tint, you are not so intelligent, that’s a dark shade!” Refuse to participate! Don’t allow it to paint on your canvas. Guard your canvas jealously by cleansing yourself with the word of God. (Any mistake in art is a design) that is you rejoicing in the Lord because Victory is in your praise!

A sunset by yours truly…

What If?

Growing up, I spent most of my childhood interacting with children or taking care of them. There’s an age difference of 6 years between me and my younger brother (Prosper) so the big sister syndrome caught up with me sooner than later. Because mother had to work and father was always on the road trading, I found myself going to school with Prosper and sitting with him in my class.

The idea of play school and kindergarten had not yet been revealed at the time and nannies were not an option for me to suggest then. My other siblings were in boarding school because of the classes they were in so I was the best option for his safety. He was a good boy who never cried at anytime as long as he had his cow (100 Uganda shilling coin) and also found going to school just for just a cool thing. School ended at 1pm and the rest of the hours were the play till you drop kind. We loved it!

Mother always gave me about 4 cows just in case; 3 of them were mine to buy kabalagala (pancakes) at break time. One day, Prosper lost his cow somewhere on our way to school. I did not know about it until after breaktime when he started crying in class“ente yange eri wa?”meaning (where is my cow?)
My neighbours were eager to know how a whole cow entered class until I explained. The search started for the lost cow but in vain. I then remembered that I had an emergency cow on me which I gave to him after a lot of caution. As I waited for a thank you and kisses for saving the day, Prosper said “kati singa ziweze bbiri” meaning (I would have had 2 cows by now). The audacity! I then asked him “what if I didn’t have the extra cow what would you have done;cried yourself to death?” Thank goodness he was soothed and we went on with our day.

When I look back at those times and other life events, I ask myself these  questions;What if there were better working conditions that allowed parents to go with their children to work  because the company provided a day care center for them then?What if I didn’t have a younger brother? What if I were the younger one? What if my school wasn’t kind enough? What if…. 

I am proud to say that these events were grooming moments for me. I learnt to care about others, I got my first knowledge about children from this experience and my love for children started then. I learnt to be responsible and to improvise. I learnt to love and  lived in every moment as it came. I am rather grateful for the kindness I received and challenged to be kind at all times. The world needs more of it than criticism!

What are your what ifs?Me and my not-so-young-anymore-brother.